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These images are genuine. No Photoshop was used.

Click here to see : Visit by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter


'Molasses' going boating

'Molasses' going boating?

'Molasses' going boating

This is how we found her

Iron in the Wind

Loose corrugated iron in wind
Friday 22:07:2016

"The Lord" has a blow out



The Pig That Thinks It's A Cow  
Feral pig been running with our
Briar Bush cows the last few
months. Refuses to leave them

Sally and the Snake


The folly of messing with browns...

She killed it - tore it to pieces - and it killed her.

Jade snake nets the pen where it happened. At least 'Sally's' son
'Archie' is saved.


Red Belly Black: Trapped


The folly of sticking our noses in
where we shouldn't.

Note: Snake wrapped its tail around
tussock in an effort to try and pull
itself out. I also tried to pull it out
but the head was too well stuck
on the barbed wire in the drill hole.

I thought it better to let it
keep trying

Vehicles & Machinery

Some bugger swapped first gear
for reverse!


It's hard to get good navigators
these days

The T Model Ford pictured
after a snow fall.
Enid never learned to drive.
In spite of this, one day back
in the 1940’s, for some reason
Lionel had her trying to reverse
their T Model Ford back up
toward the buildings.
Somehow it all went wrong
and Enid crashed into the
wall, breaking through the
It was patched with this
piece of flat iron (below).

(History: Never remove this
piece of tin)

Caterpillar D 9 bogged in
Hammonds Creek, Lower
Hammonds paddock, 1968 or
69. This was the advance push
when the high tension power
line was being constructed. It
was there for ages while the
Transfield Ities (Italians) ran
around cutting up trees to put
under it. Eventually they gave
up and walked in a D 8 to pull it
out. Treloar was the operating
company and Mick Swan
the driver.
I’m holding the horses ...


Janes Car Wash

Ernies Car Wash, February 1992
12 inches of rain in 5½ days.
A record for here.

Guy gets a Root on the Side.
Freak accident. Pushing dead
trees, and as one fell away a
root snagged an underside
corner of the blade, flipping
the machine over.

Bloody women drivers!

Gay's car

This sign was erected to
mark the spot

Aftermath: Dido's painting and
camera were both drowned

Peter's Landcruiser

Alex worked for us 1989/1990.
He was caught going home
one afternoon in a sudden
downpour. His car stalled
crossing Wilsons Creek and
by the time we got back to
rescue it the water had risen
further, washing it away.

Yes, Alex going home from
work again!


People & Events

Lightning Strike

Jane misses a head butt from
a sheep, but head butts the
shearing shed wall instead.
7 stitches required

OOPS Money

We don’t have a money tree, but
2 x $50.00 notes got swept away in
the wind accidently, only to be found
half a klm away at our tip weeks later.

Then can one believe a $100.00 note
got swept away to be found in mint
condition approx 5 months later
under ‘The Cottage’ verandah.

They went that-a-way...


Emma J has a bad motorbike accident
in the paddock. Doctor didn’t
prescribe antibiotics

Pump catches fire - faulty


Just needed a little rest

My psychologist says I
have a hang up

Jim, a sheep dog in every
sense of the word

Norville Dishwasher
also doubles as a face-washer
too. (Maintenance free –
cleans itself)

Oops, excuse me?
And so you should!

I can walk on water too!

Bugger me dead, Brian’s
knocking up, I’ll have to open
this gate me'self!

I’m bucking off out of here!!!!!!

What can happen, will happen

‘Colly’. It was hard to find
good tractor drivers in
those days

So windy it’d blow a dog
off its chain!

Oops, poops

Up yours too!



Bloody fences, enough to
drive you Batty

Archi gets wired

What a bummer!

Up yours too!

Myrtle and Hurtle, rockin it on





Oh bugger Bert, I think I just
dropped one ...

BC, alias "Grub"

It's hard to get good
tractor drivers

Not happy - feed me!!!

Time for a hymn. Pass the
plate around


Now, let us all pray


Rescue Behind The Rock

The sort of thing that can
happen to inexperienced people
let loose in the bush ...


Twenty minutes later they had to
be rescued again!

Just by coincidence two photos taken at
the same time make a neat join-up.
Almost like an island - "Island Bend"