Farming - Cattle

'Molasses' moves in to the house yard during winter

On top of The Hill

Admiring herself in the mirror-like doors at The Barn

At The Harbour

I'm ready to come back in!

Sitting down to dinner

Meals on Wheels

Good bye Molasses


Last photo taken of 'Lass', the afternoon before she died. (Vet diagnosed, Lymphoma).

Had her last calf at age 17. Died 1st February, 2017, well into her 27th year

'MOLASSES' turns 25 in 2015


Her little boy 'TINY' turns 10 in 2015

Daughter of Molasses and
son, 2011

Tiny and Molasses



Molasses, James Bond (Ear-tag
007) and son, in the middle
(who is now Tiny, as seen
above right)

Tiny and Molasses

Three more shots of Molasses and Tiny


Mother and calf on the
creek flats

Cattle at the old Wilson place,
late 1940's

Cattle, Black Gully paddock,
Winter, 2013



Sarah and Bluey


How it used to be in
better times 1985.
Ian Davis

Molasses and James Bond

Note: Molasses is 23 years old
this spring, 2013

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