History - Wallabadah Rock


 Wallabadah Rocks rise over 300m above
the creek and consist of quartz rhyolite.

(photo by PHN 1965)


How Did It Get Its Name?

In the early days when people travelled from
down south to the plains they either crossed
the range at what is now known as Murrurundi
Gap or the gap behind the Rock. Another road
went over Crawney Pass or others out via

If we imagine the talk of such people ... a
conversation might go like this. Someone asks,
‘Which road are you taking?’ Reply, ‘The road
that goes by the big rock this side of
Wallabadah.’ As the years go by Evolution
takes a part and it isn’t hard to imagine the
English language becoming ‘Wallabadah Rock’.
Put another way, ‘it’s the rock you pass on the
way to Wallabadah’

I know no better possible explanation