History - Retrieval of the Old Footbridge,
Scotts Creek

This suspension footbridge was erected back in the 1950’s so the kids living at the various worker’s cottages on Scotts Creek property could get over the creek in flood time to catch the bus to school.

Eventually the kids grew up, left school and really it was the end of that era.

We all used the bridge at times. If I was caught out, when the creek came down, I had to leave my vehicle and walk the last ten kilometres home. Other times, if we knew in advance the creek was going to flood, we could position a vehicle each side.

Over the years it developed a side slope, which was a little unnerving when crossing on slippery wet boards in the middle of the night, with roaring floodwater underneath.

By the 1990’s the bridge had succumbed to considerable flood damage and I thought it was time we got permission to retrieve it for the sake of History. It is now stored here at Norvill.

The property it was on is currently owned by (The) Malcolm Turnbull.