History - The Cedar Table and Other Important Furniture

The Cedar Table

This red cedar table (left) was bought at auction from the White
Hart Hotel, Murrurundi by Harry HGE
Norvill, my grandfather (died
06/08/1950 - pictured in the
photograph on rear wall).

The story that goes with the table
says that while it was at the White
Hart Hotel, Ben Hall (Bushranger)
was at one time tied up to it.

We’ll probably never know the full
story but possibly there was an
arrest and investigation/enquiry,
during which he was secured
to it at the Hotel.

HGE Norvill passed it on to Lionel
Norvill who lived at 134 Mayne
Street, Murrurundi. Lionel’s wife,
Enid (my mother) left it to me,
Peter Norvill.


Bentwood Chair

Originally belonged to Reverend
Cochrane, who was Anglican Minister
at Murrurundi during the 1940’s. I
only ever knew it as my father’s
office chair but it is more than
possible his father, HGE, bought it at
auction, similar to the above
mentioned cedar dining table,
and it has been passed down.