Art - Father Paul

Father Paul 2008
Oil and acrylic on canvas
160 x 114 cm

Highly Commended,
Local Art Prize 2008

Father Paul in the Ardglen
Oil and acrylic on canvas
160 x 113 cm

Father Paul, St Marys Cathedral, Sydney 2006


Father Paul,
Ardglen Tunnel Expedition

This work came about from a visit Paul and I
made to St Mary’s Cathedral (Sydney). We
entered and wandered around, as visitors
there so often do.

I looked across toward the side exit doorway
and there was Paul silhouetted against
the Eastern sky.

Silence being golden, I raised my hand in a
sign to stop – don’t move. Cameras are not
supposed to be used inside but I wasn’t passing
up this opportunity.

Don’t think I even had a painting in mind at this time. It was just a great photo pose.





Vale Father Paul

















This was my copy of the book that Paul got into print. It was his transcribings to that point
of time.

I hand copied the final page of it into this painting as best I could.

By the way … this publication was to be one mere fraction of the total of his transcribing. Unfortunately, the rest was
not to be

Our last photo of Fr. Paul,
dated 28:12:2014.
Photo by Bruce

Order of Service




Vale Fr Paul: The Lesson Only Half Over 2015
Oil and acrylic on canvas
176 x 109 cm

Vale Fr Paul: The Lesson Only Half Over 2015 (Detail)

Vale Fr Paul: The Lesson Only Half Over 2015 (Detail)

Vale Fr Paul: The Lesson Only Half Over 2015 (Detail)

This canvas was one I made for Paul to paint ‘big’, nearly eight years ago. He covered it all but never got near to finished. The size was a bit challenging.

Last year I suggested we sand it back and he try again. As the year went on he got sicker and it was obvious he would never get to complete it.

After he was gone I decided to use his background work already on it, to do a commemorative.

While leaving his creative paintwork showing through as much as possible, I then took his landscape scene and turned it vertical, building
in a religious work.

Much of what I have painted in, was ‘suggested’ by Paul’s earlier work on it.

The scene I have carried forward is taken from the earlier photo and painting of mine, ‘Fr. Paul at St Mary’s Cathedral’, where he stands in the doorway.

So it is a bit of both of us.

Paul’s life was Religion, but he painted landscape. My life is The Land, but I paint Religion. Such is the cross-over we had between us.

A truly unique man.

The door is open. Paul is gone …

April, 2015