Norvill Art Prize


After a decade and a half this award had progressively declined in numerous ways that were unacceptable to me. Nothing to do with the standard of artwork. The artwork was great.

It had also gone from an exhibition open 7 days over three weeks, to more recent times of weekends only, and battling to find people to man the door even that much.

At the rate it was going, it was headed to be just another country town, one weekend art exhibition. And Murrurundi already has a local prize.

For some years I had been asking the committee for ideas to help the award at least hold ground, even if it did not grow. The one idea I myself put forward – an idea that to my knowledge would have been unique the whole world across - was rejected unanimously.

While, as with any award there are always issues that need attention, I have chosen to put the reason for the decline down to ‘Small Town Syndrome’.

I’m sorry, but I had to do something. Too much outlay for too little return to the town.

My thanks to everyone who contributed in all ways, over the time

OLD SAYING: The key to success is to risk thinking unconventional thoughts

I would go further and add,      … and, dare to try them