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Past Events - Norvill Art, Craft, Photo, History & Garden Exhibition (November/December 2005)

Over four weekends in November and December 2005, approximately 160 people visited Rock Dhu – some were interested in Peter's artworks, some in the history and photography, while still others simply enjoyed the whole “Norville” experience, admired the scenery, checked out the animals and shearing shed, picnicked beside Warlands Creek. The 4x4 excursions around the property and to Wallabadah Rock were very popular. Many visitors read about the Exhibition in their local newspapers or heard about it on the radio – quite a few travelled from Newcastle after reading an article in the Newcastle Herald.
Over the second weekend of the Exhibition, we accommodated a large group of adults and children from St Peter's Anglican Church, Tamworth. They stayed in the cottage and cabins at “Norville”, and some even slept in the shearing shed! They all had a great time.

The live music provided on three of the four weekends was well-received by visitors. Thanks to Scott Peters (Tamworth), Lost In Time & The Collectables (Newcastle/Lake Macquarie).

The weather was pretty-near perfect, apart from a deluge resembling Noah's Flood on the Sunday of the third weekend. Only a few die-hards braved the elements that day, arriving with shell-shocked looks on their faces, some asking if medals were being handed out for travelling to Rock Dhu in such weather!