Construction - Waterfalls Project 2007 - 2013

Waterfalls Project was commenced July 2007. First it was a matter of clearing scrub, blackberry, and loose stone. Then access tracks were placed. We didn’t make much progress that year as other jobs got in the way and wet weather made the road difficult to use.

As the years went by ‘The Fence to Nowhere’ was erected to keep cattle out as best possible. Trees, pines, poplar and pistachio were planted. After cutting a few trees that were at risk of falling, a cabin was erected and like any building it had its dramas, including two occasions when the glass for the ‘Window’ windows got broken en route to the site.

It would be March 2013 before we finally had the Waterfalls Cabin completed and painted. We have an ongoing spraying programme for blackberry, blackthorn, briar and shiny-bush.

Just a note on trees planted ... it was my wish to create contrasting colour at the falls.

The pines are a different green to the surrounding eucalypts and the poplars and pistachio will give a brilliant gold and red glow respectively in between, during Autumn.

Waterfall No.1

Waterfall No.2

Waterfall No.3

Waterfall 1 in full flow

Waterfalls Creek