Construction - The Tomb 2012

“Saved by the Bell”… We all know what that means but does anyone know what that saying really
means? Usually not. In the early days, with medicine a bit haphazard, there were times when
very sick people were pronounced dead, when actually they weren’t quite. They were hurried
off and buried – especially if it was The Plague.

Sick person wakes from the coma, only to find they are 6 foot under. Can you imagine how
that would feel?? So some bright person invented a special coffin with a wire that went up
through the top of the coffin, attached to a bell above ground level. If the dead should wake,

This coffin would have been more expensive, so only available to those who could afford it.
Likewise, you have heard that expression ‘Graveyard Watch’? Well, in order to be ‘saved by
the bell’ that you paid all that extra money for, someone had to be ‘on watch’. The person
employed to do the cemetery rounds of a night got to be called ‘The Graveyard Watch’.
Obviously my bell is symbolic but it sure looks the part.