Australian and Other Aviation Records

Taking the keys to Mooney 205,
VH-JGC, from George Adams,
Adams Aviation. It would now
go in for long range fuel tanking
and new paint scheme,
Bankstown 1990

Channel 7 drop in for a
story, 1989

Balls Pyramid from the Mooney,
Lord Howe Island in the
background, 1993

Peter with Mooney 205 VH-JGC

Mooney over the Tasman

Mooney at Wynyard,Tasmania,
preparing for the flight south
toward Antarctica,
January, 1994


Cessna VH-PSV
• First non-stop flight across Australia –
Carnarvon to Coolangatta 1983
• Fastest speed around Australia 1984
• First single-engine crossing of Tasman
Sea – Tasmania to New Zealand 1986
• First solo flight around the world by an
Australian in an aeroplane May-June 1988
(35 days), also included Trans-Pacific
Commemorative Flight 1928-1988

Mooney 205 VH-JGC
• Fastest time between Sydney and Alice
Springs return
• Longest non-stop flight over Australian
soil, 40 hours 5 minutes, (9,406 kms) July 1993
• First double, non-stop, Tasman Sea
crossing December (New Year's Eve) 1993
• First single-engine flight to the Antarctic
Ice area, January 1994

Peter preparing for a midnight
departure on another
Trans Tasman Flight,
31st December, 1994

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