Solo Around the World Flight 1988

First solo flight around the world by an Australian in an aeroplane May-June 1988
(35 days), also included Trans-Pacific Commemorative Flight 1928-1988

Peter with Cessna VH-PSV
at Tamworth NSW just
prior world solo flight, 1988.
(Photo by Barry Smith)

Boy Scout compass – used by
Peter when aircraft compass
failed over the Pacific
Ocean, 1988

It was necessary to keep
track of numerous times, GMT,
Zone Time, Local time and
home time, which meant
4 time pieces

Boots worn on flight

Navigation plotting instruments,
such as they were back then

Super Shot 24 Camera used to
document the flight

Piston and valve. Score in top
shows where the sticking valve
was eating away at the piston.
In time this will result in
catastrophic failure

Hacksaw blade. This was to be
used in emergency if auxiliary
fuel tank electric transfer pump
failed, the fuel line could be cut
with this blade and the hand
operated back-up pump (off a
Toyota diesel motor) inserted

Spark plugs. 2 of the 12 that
made it around the world

Magneto coils. Cracks show
they were on the verge
of failure

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Cessna over the Tasman Sea

Peter pictured with the
Johnston Memorial Trophy in
1989 following his successful
around the world solo flight.
This trophy is awarded by the
Guild of Air Pilots & Air Navigators
(see Award Winners)

to an individual, a complete
aircraft crew, or an organisation,
for an outstanding performance
of airmanship, for the operation of
airborne systems or for the
developmentof air navigation
techniques and equipment

Johnston Memorial Trophy Citation

(For a full list of Johnston
Memorial Trophy winners
click Here)

Cartoon and article about
Peter from the Northern
Daily Leader, Tamworth NSW

Peter and Dick Smith at Bankstown
Aerodrome, day of departure for
world flight 1988.

Article, 14 May 1988, from the
Daily News, Sri Lanka

Air filter. Crease shows where
torrential rain caused the paper
element to start disintegrating.
Part was sucked into the fuel
injection system causing engine
to fail at night over the Bay
of Bengal

Inflatable lifejacket

Cessna Hawk XP Manual
Pilot's Operating Handbook

PHN Travel Bag
Went everywhere. All record flights,
around the world and all overnight
trips in aircraft. Last time used Feb
2010, but only motor vehicle trips
by then. Zipper broke, time for
a new bag!

World map showing the route
taken by Peter (East to West).
This map was in Dooley’s Store
in Murrurundi during the world
flight and the store manager
updated the flight’s progress

Peter's Order of Australia

Order of Australia Certificate
awarded in 1990

Sports Aircraft Association
of Australia Award

Royal Federation of Aero Clubs
Record Certificate

Murrurundi & District Historical
Society letter extending Life
Membership to Peter for his
aviation achievements.
Below is the Life Membership


Bearings and seals that were
close to failing

Handheld emergency locator
beacon as a back-up to the
aircraft fixed beacon

Ashtray, was being made by
Connie Wadwell in a pottery class,
Murrurundi, at the moment I returned
from the World Flight. Hence she
engraved it fittingly:
" Congratulations Peter 12.30pm 10.6.88"