Art - Opera Night, St Pauls

Opera Night St Pauls, Murrurundi
or Henry GE Norvill's Fence
oil and acrylic on canvas
100 x 84cm

HGE Norvill's fence -
all that is left of it

St Pauls Anglican Church,
(designed by John
Horbury Hunt)
The inspiration for
"Opera Night".

But for an appallingly
embarrassing situation inside
the church that night, brought
about by a certain person in
charge with a short memory for
a previously made agreement,
I would never have gotten to see
this scene in the sky. I would
never have gotten to take this
fabulous photo.

Rather than make a scene in
front of others, I walked away –
outside. This was my reward.

The day will come, when I will tell
the full story ...